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Remembering the KTM Railway Corridor

  I was a little late getting around to seeing and personally documenting the final days of the KTM railway station and tracks. I did go earlier with a group of photographer friends but we did not snap much. Instead, we enjoyed the food from the Tanjong Pagar station. Let me see if I can’t […]

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Photo Contest

If it isn’t obvious I pursue my photography with a passion. It currently doesn’t bring home enough bacon. I do feel that as long as I continue to shoot at every opportunity I’m growing and learning. I’ve been shooting a lot of event photography and a lot of it is candid with limited light or a […]

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Photos Of The Month: June 2010 (Last Pic)

Photos Of The Month: June 2010

INSTEAD of having too many individual photographs listed on the blog post I’ve taken a collage approach. The collage is created using the software called, PhotoScape V3.5. It is freeware and it just makes life easier by drag and drop with fixed template sizes and designs. I used to create them by hand myself using […]

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Photos For The Month

  If it isn’t obvious, I am a photography enthusiast. So much so I try to not be without a camera when I go out. It could be a dslr, point & shoot, mobile phone cam or something else that I might have received as a review sample for which I write end-user style reviews over […]

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i <3 Fotobook Plug-in for WordPress

    I love this plug-in. It easily integrates Facebook photo albums into my WordPress blog. It worked even better than I had expected and beats the Flickr plug-ins that I tried. The title image is a screen capture of Facebooks outlook on the left and the same album as it shows in WordPress. Note, […]

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Photography Stub

This is the photography category stub. Just to get the menus up and running

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