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Joe Riis National Geographic Photographer talks about his wildlife journey

Imagine waking up in the middle of the Gobi Desert with only the mission and passion in life to photograph one of the rarest bears on the planet. Well, this an assignment that Joe Riis was pursuing even as he took time out for a workshop and seminar in Singapore. Joe is only 28-years old, […]

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Michael Yamashita

Michael Yamashita National Geographic Photographer Seminar

As a freelance photographer that has not worked under the guidance or internship of a well known person or brand associated with photography, I am constantly looking for ways better myself and learn as much as I can. Most often it is through self-discovery and other times I learn from seminars and talks by established […]

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Joe Riis – National Geographic Photographer Seminar

Photography enthusiasts in Singapore have an opportunity to attend a photography seminar and workshop conducted by an award winning National Geographic photographer – Joe Riis. The seminar is open to 200 participants on a first come first serve basis. All you need to do is download the form, fill it in and send it back […]

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Search Ranking for Live Our Dreams, Fly Our Flag

  I was looking at my blog stats and it was interesting to see some new incoming links to my blog. There were a couple links to my “Live Our Dreams, Fly Our Flag” post. I was curious to see where I’d rank up in a Google search. You see I’m not that popular a […]

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Parades and the celebrations surrounding Singapore’s NDP2010

  PARADES are magical to young and old and from my experience living in other countries and watching parades I admire the enthusiasm andway that Singapore goes about organising and developing their parade. If you’ve lived in the USA or Canada you know that most parades take on the streets where police simply cordon off […]

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Mattias Captiviated Audience

MOPA (Month Of Photography Asia) featuring Mattias Klum

I LOVE listen to the life stories of other photographers. There’s plenty of opportunity this month, the Month of Photography Asia (MOPA). A National Geographic photographer, Mattias Klum has an exhibition at the Asian Civilisations Museum and I relished the opportunity to sit, listen and watch him speak. I must thank Mohd Hisham and the kind folks […]

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Live Our Dreams, Fly Our Flag

SINGAPORE’S Forty-fifth year of independence will be upon us in slightly over 2 months time. On 9th August 1965 Singapore separated from Malaysia. It so happens that in 1965 I was born (June). And so for the last 12 over years as a PR (Permanent Resident) I’ve celebrated with Singapore something special. I never fail to forget […]

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