If you have ever played a game, be it a D&D, FPS, or even your simple coin-op, you know that you eventually have to input a player name. It is usually an easy way to identify your character or boast about your latest high score on that latest Sega or Taito coin-op. Well, I always struggled for a name until it occured to me that I can use parts of me and where I grew up to create something unique.

I was born in the world of Irie – JAMaica for those who do not now (you can read more about Irie here). My family migrated to CANada when I was 11-years old and back in 1997 I decided to move and live in the little red dot called SINGapore. So, you see how JamCanSing has come to be. Funny enough, each of these countries has their little verbage idiosyncracies. Irie in Jamaica, Eh in Canada and Lah in Singapore.

I do keep another online blog over at i-digitall.com (it got hacked and I lost it all, even my backups were screwed so I am pointing i-digitall.com to jamcansing.com for the time being) and although I have blogged personal thoughts over there I felt it necessary to move them to another that is more suitable for documenting my life. I hope you read, comment and return to my newest home often. I promise to write more controversial stuff and rant a lot about things.

I’ll update soon with ideals, hobbies, likes, dislikes, and more.

Enjoy your time here.

C. Chester Chen, aka JamCanSing


Contact me if you have a need for event photography, studio or freelance writing.

Email:  retsehcnehc (at) hotmail.com  |  Twitter:  @jamcansing  |  Mobile: +65 9695-five, six, five, four