UPS equals Unbelievably Poor Service

I have had the pleasure of experiencing what it is like to work in the Customer Service sector. In the industry way before we knew what CRM was. I used to answer Customer and Technical support calls for a small software company, Batteries Included, in Toronto, Canada. I continued in this line of work with other notable software companies, Electronic Arts (when it was still privately held), Delrina Corporation and Symantec. Through it all I learnt that if you promise something to a customer you better keep your word.

So this past week I’ve experienced the worst level of service from the multi-billion dollar package delivery company United Parcel Service (UPS).

It started with a missed delivery and then me finding out that as a residential address customer any of the stated delivery guarantees are not guaranteed. So, if you think about paying for the 2-3 business days service premium over the 4-5 days you better save your money and take the longer transit time. I haven’t gone and read the Terms and Conditions for other package delivery companies so they may also state the same. Anyway, that is not the main reason for this blog post.


UPS Fails to deliver on the next delivery attempt by never showing up

UPS Fails to deliver on the next delivery attempt by never showing up



  • Ordered goods from USA
  • 30 Nov – Goods packed and passed to UPS
  • 1 Dec – Goods depart USA
  • 2 Dec – Goods arrive South Korea
  • 3 Dec – Goods arrive Shenzhen, China
  • 3 Dec – Goods arrive Singapore (0725hrs)
  • 3 Dec – Attempted Delivery, 1345hrs,¬†1637hrs
  • 3 Dec –¬†Call to reschedule delivery but attempts delivery again 2016hrs
    • It appears that my home intercom service is not working, why not call the customer ?
    • Spoke with Customer Service and asked why they don’t call…blah blah blah
    • Got informed that residential address they deliver after 1800hrs, then why is it you even attempt delivery twice before 1800hrs
    • Was informed by CSO that driver can call before deliver to ensure someone able to receive
    • Communicated delivery is between 0900 and 2200hrs but I heard wrongly and thought it was 1000hrs (I was ecstatic can receive early and go about the rest of the day)
  • 4 Dec – No show by 1000hrs so I stick around until 1200hrs no show
  • 4 Dec – 1336hrs (again not after 1800hrs and it is a residential address) delivery attempt made
  • 4 Dec – InfoNotice left on the door stating in writing another delivery attempt will be made on Saturday, 5 Dec
  • 5 Dec – No show, no call, no notification, nothing, nada, zilch….
  • 6 Dec – Office closed
  • 7 Dec – Took the day off to wait for delivery 0900 start 2200 end, I even give benefit of the doubt and waited until 2300hrs.
  • 7 Dec – I called UPS Customer Service at ~2100hrs to verify that driver will make delivery by 2200hrs (LIES!!)
  • 8 Dec – Called UPS Customer Service – same story, all talk no action, no promises, due to circumstances beyond their control…blah blah bullshit!!

There were many other communication in between the timeline above. I send emails, calls, and even had a livechat with UPS USA because by the time 2200hrs came around in Singapore, the office is closed and your telephone call drops to a pre-recorded message and disconnects you. k. thanks bye.

If you are wondering what is your best course of action on non-delivery in specified time you can forget trying because the UPS Terms of Service agreement (this is from the Singapore ToS) basically gives no accountability. Then at best you can make your application for a refund in writing which then takes how long, only God knows.

ToS (Singapore) Excerpt

ToS (Singapore) Excerpt

I’m nothing in the multi-billion dollar scheme of things, however, if you piss-off enough customers and those customers share their horror story with others the seed of doubt is planted and replanted many times over.

UPS may want to rethink their company name because all that I see when I see the UPS logo now is, UPSet.

upset (verb), 1. make someone unhappy, disappointed, worried

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