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Surface 3 with Type Cover


As a typical early adopter of technology gadgets productivity tools, I tend to end up with some items that are rather disappointing or has a short shelf life and longer cupboard life. Microsoft’s Surface RT was one such device. It looked brilliant and worked pretty well for limited applications and then it just didn’t help my workflow.


Surface 3 Kickstand


With my Surface RT sitting in the cupboard, Microsoft got busy and worked on the Surface 2, which was still an RT platform and subsequently the Surface Pro 3. The latter is a full-fledged Windows 8.1 system running standard Windows applications and it came in a package that was like ‘Wow!’ The main problem I felt was price and there was one other weakness given it was this uber cool tablet. The weakness for me was I couldn’t charge it like all other tablet devices using a micro-usb charger or battery pack.

Here is what convinces me, this time, that this won’t sit in the cupboard.

It uses a MicroUSB connection for charging. We all have access to a plethora of battery packs and I really won’t need to carry an additional charger for the Surface 3. It has a good long battery life as it is, but I’ve yet to experience real world use. It charges with the battery pack I already tote around for my mobile phone. It may charge slowly but it will at least charge. Check it out. Charging with a battery pack. Oh and that microUSB port also doubles as a USB 2.0 data port. So you really have two USB ports.


Charging the Surface 3 with Battery Pack


I do find the Type Cover to be a tad pricey at SGD199. That’s a quarter of the price of the actual device. Add the fact you are likely to buy the Pen as well (SGD73) you are going to break $1,000. It might put some potential buyers off. I’d really like it if there was a simpler magnetic cover and I could do all I need to with a virtual keyboard and the pen.

I like the fact that Microsoft has put in place all the ports on the Surface 3 and did not go the route of a single port which would require the use of a dongle or port extension or some other rubbish attachment that costs extra. We all know for a fact that if it isn’t built into the device, as a loose part it is likely to get lost or forgotten when you most need it.


All the ports


  • Windows 8.1
  • 10.8-inch ClearType Full HD Plus Display @ 1920 x 1280
  • Up to 10 hours battery life
  • Front and rear facing cameras the former with Autofocusing
  • Full size USB 3, Mini DisplayPort, microSD card slot
  • MicroUSB charging (doubles as a USB 2.0 Data port)

For a full list of the specifications and features look here.


You can pre-order at Challenger, Newstead and Harvey Norman. Retail availability is set for 5 May 2015.

Pricing (SRP w/GST)

Surface 3 2GB RAM, 64GB Storage      SGD748

Surface 3 4GB RAM, 128GB Storage    SGD898


Surface Pen     SGD73

Surface 3 Type Cover     SGD199

Surface 3 Screen Protector    SGD73

Surface 3 Docking Station     SGD288

Surface 3 Power Supply     SGD59


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