Singtel Singapore Formula One Grand Prix Maroon 5 Concert

I will seldom go out of my way to attend the Singtel Singapore Formula One race because I felt that there is usually good broadcast coverage and I can enjoy the race in the comfort of my home, a bar or a friends place. So, when a ticket came my way for the Saturday, 22 Sept 2012 practice and qualifying session I didn’t waste anytime accepting. I wasn’t too excited about the cars zooming around the track with their high revving engines, I was more excited about listening to two performances. If you are as old as me you grew up in high school with Bananarama and well you can help but notice the new talents like Maroon 5. A pity that two acts played simultaneously because I’d have liked to listen and watch The Pretenders as well.

So, I jammed myself into the massive crowd waiting for Maroon 5. It was so packed that organisers had to stop letting people into the cordoned off Padang Stage area. So, there I was ready to hopefully get some decent shots from far far away because I didn’t get a Media Pit pass or a fan bracelet. I’d be able to shoot some decent stuff with my Canon gear but alas it was so packed it was impossible. It also became apparent that my monopod wasn’t going to stick up above all the heads and worse the people on other peoples shoulders. So, I resorted to my backup backup camera, the Olympus OM-D EM-5 with the little 40-150mm kit zoom.

I would have liked to have video recorded some better clips for a compendium but again it was darn difficult with people blocking my view. I pity the lady that was behind me standing 5-feet tall because she wasn’t going to see anything at all. Well, she did get to see some stuff if she looked up at my camera display as I took some handheld shots. :)

Here are shots I was able to get. Not a lot of detail because it was shot at ISO3200 and again from quite a distance. I was way beyond the organizers control booth out in the middle of the pit.

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