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I’m lucky to have the opportunity to preview camera hardware earlier than most consumers and also to get extended hands-on use with the new devices. Recently, I took the Sony NEX-7 camera out and I wrote about my experience with it. I shared my experience on Sony’s Illuminate blog.

Trial by Fire

My first feature was titled “Trial by Fire” because it was just that. I received the camera in hand and was going to go out and shoot Thaipusam celebrations with my trusty Canon setup. It would have been a lot more bulk to tote around and half knowing the venue to shoot Thaipusam was going to be crowded I wasn’t exactly looking forward to carrying the Canon bulk and lenses. I learned what little I had to learn about the camera handling and functions only a few hours earlier in the day about the NEX-7. I packed a small satchel to carry the NEX-7 fitted with the 50mm f/1.8 lens, water bottle and a plastic bag for keeping my flip-flops.

You can read the full article at Illuminate.

A Photo A Everyday

A few weeks later after getting to know the NEX-7 handling and features I found the NEX-7 became my “Everyday Camera”. Even when I am not on assignment or out to capture everyday life I am outfitted with some camera gear, usually my full sized DSLR. I didn’t see it as a chore because I love photography. It can get tiresome but passion (some say obsession) will always triumph until the body physically cannot endure toting the equipment. Now, that isn’t to say I’m packing a lot as I don’t usually. It is usually just a single lens, full frame dslr, a couple filters, shutter release ¬†and tripod.

So, the NEX-7 didn’t change much in the way of gear packed it lightened the load and bulk of the full sized dslr package. So, how did I fare with the NEX-7 everyday. You can read the full story over at Illuminate and see the kind of shots the NEX-7 can produce from the 24.3-megapixel APS-C sensor.

Sony’s NEX-7 was habitually with me with the kit lens and often the 30mm f/3.5 macro. I found the 30mm focal length to be nice for most situations except for the wide landscape and architecture shots. The added advantage of having was having the macro capability. Don’t we all just love to take shots of insects or items that would look great blown up on the screen with intricate details.

Soaking in the Rhythm & Blues

I’ve never taken a hybrid camera system like the NEX-7 out to shoot a concert, well, I don’t attend too many concerts unless they are Media invites. :) So, when Rock & Roots 2012 was in town and it was featuring Earth Wind and Fire who wouldn’t want to go bask in the music and if the opportunity to snap some shots presented itself all the better.

Armed with the NEX-7, kit lens and the 50mm I set out to shoot two of the performances. You can check out the full story over at Illuminate and have a look at the photos and video taken with the NEX-7.

Big Brother

I’ve since traded up to the bigger brother of the NEX-7 and am now toting around the Alpha A77 with the kit lens 16-50mm f/2.8. It is a pretty cool setup and I think many hobby for fun shooters would have a nice setup with this kit. As with Sony (Minolta heritage) you do end up with the non-standard flash mount. If you aren’t shooting studio setups that require flash triggering I don’t think it will matter so much. Even then, you can always get an adapter to setup a trigger or buy a native mount trigger.

Stay tuned for more news and blog posts on my experience using Sony’s Alpha A77 setup.

Direct link to Sony’s Illuminate blog.

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