Remembering the KTM Railway Corridor


I was a little late getting around to seeing and personally documenting the final days of the KTM railway station and tracks. I did go earlier with a group of photographer friends but we did not snap much. Instead, we enjoyed the food from the Tanjong Pagar station. Let me see if I can’t dig up those few shots and tag them along at the end of this post.

The government said dismantling would begin and the corridor would be open for a short time. So, with the station closed and no fear of running trains everyone flocked to the corridor of green, rust, rocks and abandoned buildings. It got really crowded as I could see from some photos printed in the local newspapers and also posted up on my friends FaceBook pages.

It took some time before I got around to getting out with my camera to snap some photos of my own and by that time the dismantling had overrun the Bukit Timah station. This left a small gateway from Rifle Range Road up to and slightly beyond the Rail Mall up to about Ten Mile Junction. I walked and took some photos in rememberance. With the hype and crowds gone many of my photos are devoid of people. So, in some way being later to the game has benefited me by not having shot after shot of others with their camera or pet in tow.

Check out my photo gallery. I wish I had had time enough to walk the entire stretch because there were definitely things worth shooting and preserving.



I have some personal favourite shots. The featured image  (rusted persepective tracks going off to a dark background) came out well and I don’t even recall having done any post processing. I did turn up the saturation and contrast in the photo profile. The majority of the shots are manual focused with a 50mm Industar 61L/Z lens mounted on my Canon EOS 1DMk3. The Industar lens is a M42 mount.

The dragonflies are nice as well as I had yet to see and shoot the blue coloured one and I like the Rail Mall steel bridge (portrait orientation).



Do you have a favourite. Point it out and let me know.

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