Shell and 7-Eleven Unfair Treatment of Customer (Singapore)

I’ve been pondering whether or not to put this in writing because I didn’t want my site to come across as a cyber-place for me to continually bitch about the companies that do me wrong. I rationalised the fact that I did no wrong in the issues I have already blogged about and I’m not just bitching and whining.

If you live in Singapore you know that Singapore’s Shell petrol stations are co-located with 7-Eleven stores. I do not remember who Shell was working with before but that doesn’t matter at this point.

Shell ran a promotion whereby if you spent S$50 you receive a ‘Stamp’ and a card with which you keep the stamps. When you accumulate 3 stamps you can redeem the filled card for an S$8 discount. This was offered across the island and not by a specific store location. You know sometimes you get offers that are only valid at a specific location, well this was across the board.

Here’s the blow by blow of account of my dissatisfaction.

Filled up the petrol tank with over S$100 worth at Shell Payar Lebar / PIE

7-Eleven/Shell staff indicated there were no more stickers and indicated that a initial and chop (ink stamp) would suffice, some of her communication was unintelligible because she rambled off in in Mandarin which I do not understand. I only asked if can still redeem up-to the end of the promotion date and she nodded.

Almost a week passed and I needed to fill up with petrol so I stopped at the Shell station at Bukit Timah Hill

  1. Went to pay and use my Shell Fuel Save voucher with the initialed and store chops but the cashier refused to honour the voucher.
  2. Cashier went on to say that the voucher is not valid because it does not have stickers and will only be honoured at Shell Payar Lebar.
  3. I asked where does it indicate that the voucher is only valid at a specific branch and clarified that the promotion period is still valid.
  4. Cashier could not answer and I asked to speak with store manager for clarification.
  5. Store manager also gave me the same story and did not even attempt to help other than to wait idly for my full payment.
  6. I asked to have the Shell Customer Service number and they say they don’t know why I don’t try calling the Shell Escape card hotline.
  7. Called the hotline number 1-800-372-2733 and after my long explanation of why I called they couldn’t help me either because it is a head office complaint.
  8. Copied down the number and called the head office.

I spoke with a Customer Service Professional I’ll refer to as Mr A. Mr A was quite apologetic but said he couldn’t do anything but take the complaint and file it for action. He did recommend that I just hold the voucher and use it when I need more petrol because there was another 10 days before the promotion ended. Timing did not leave this open as an option because I was about to fly off for 16 days.

Mr A took down my mobile phone number, email address and statement. He said he’d copy me on the filed report and indicate it was urgent.

Here is the email that he promptly sent with the filed report and copied to undisclosed recipients.


Here is the contents of the R2.2 Customer Activity Form that is attached to the email.


I have yet to receive an email, a phone call or something like good old postal mail from Shell an explanation for doing business in the manner they have. I don’t really want to know if it was Shell’s fault or 7-Eleven’s fault. Just make sure and get your act together.

Here are the points I take offense to:

  1. How can a company as big as Shell and 7-Eleven run a promotion and not have enough stickers? If I recall correctly the promotion was to run up until 6 June 2011. It was still May 2011 when I could not receive any more stickers.
  2. Why do you assume I will always go back to the same station?
  3. If your promotion terms and conditions changes you better post them in big bold letters somewhere where people can read because the 7-Eleven staff are not able to communicate properly the new conditions.

One upset customer doesn’t seem to matter to their bottom line. Not a single call, return email, nothing!

I wrote back to Mr A when I returned from overseas to follow-up (I’m the complainant and I’m following up – sheesh!) with an email that just disappeared into cyberspace’s black hole. You’ll note my Outlook 2010 indicated I replied to Mr A’s message and flagged it High Importance.

Is there a moral to this story……*dead silence*

Do I pump petrol at Shell any longer? No.

Do I recommend Shell to other drivers? No.

Do I buy stuff from 7-Eleven any longer? Sometimes, but if I can avoid it I will.


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