Panoramic Sunset

I’ve been trying to catch the sunset in Singapore but most often the golden time is not convenient for me on the weekday and even on the weekends. I actually get to catch the sunrise more often but that is quite a task to drag myself out of bed at the early morning hours on a weekend when I’d much prefer to be catching up on some shut eye. So, it was by luck that my son, who is usually being ferried by me from school, asked about seeing the sunset when I went to pick him up. I was elated because I just so happen to be toting my Lumix GH-1 one with me. I didn’t know what to expect of the sunset and pondered where might be best to watch given it was about 30 minutes to the magic time. I decided to go to Kent Ridge Park instead of West Coast Park as it had a high vantage point. I snapped some shots as the sun went down and here is the result.

4 shots stitched with Panasonic PhotoFunStudio HD 5.0

4 shots stitched with Panasonic PhotoFunStudio HD 5.0

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