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If it isn’t obvious I pursue my photography with a passion. It currently doesn’t bring home enough bacon. I do feel that as long as I continue to shoot at every opportunity I’m growing and learning. I’ve been shooting a lot of event photography¬†and a lot of it is candid with limited light or a single flash light source. You can see some of the shots up on the Bukit Timah Facebook page. In case you this is your first visit I have taken part in a number of photo contests and have been successful with one that I participated in for the first time last year – the Canon PhotoMarathon 2010. You can see the official results here. I place third in the Open Category theme ‘Clarity’.

I would encourage anyone to participate in contests because if you have trouble focusing (no pun intended) when you go out on your own personal shoots the contest will narrow down the subject matter or theme. Don’t feel restricted by the subject though. There are many ways to interpret this and you may find that thinking out of the box gives you an edge. Take for example the TAFEP (Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices) Photo Contest. It is focusing on ‘Fair Employment’ and even though it is specific you can interpret it in many ways and this is how you get to differentiate yourself with your submission. Do pay attention to the Rules & Regulations and take note of how the contest will be judge. Some of the contests are based on ‘Likes’ versus a judging panel so those are wholly a popularity contest – the more friends you have that you can get to vote for you makes you the winner. So don’t be a whiner when the results are published.

  • Follow the links to the TAFEP Photo Contest and to help you out a bit let me highlight the key points.
  • Any amount of submissions as long as they are sent by a different email address (More chances to be short-listed)
  • Winner is then decided by popularity vote on Facebook after judging is done by NTUC, MOM, and SNEF.
  • Prizes are pretty good…it’s cash and an iPad

You can download details of the TAFEP photo contest here.

You can check out photos I submitted for the Canon PhotoMarathon 2010 contest here.

Good luck!

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