KEF…three letters synonymous to speakers

It is interesting how only three letters can represent a company. You know the more iconic ones like IBM and BMW. As I’m no audiophile I don’t know how many speaker brands there are with three letter acronymed names but this one could be mistaken for a vulgarity. Well, not really but you’d have a difficult time figuring out what the three letters represent.

KEF stands for Kent Engineering and Foundry and is the British brand that audiophiles will appreciate.

So, I received an invitation to see and listen to KEF’s latest speakers. They also had on display some reference design speakers that looked red hot. Literally, they were this awesome red hue and the finish was so smooth I think dust would have problems sticking to it.

The reference design speakers were not the ones featured. The speakers I was there to listen to were the, Q Series (above right) and T Series (above left with the sub-woofer infront). The Q Series features a new Uni-Q driver array derived from Concept Blade project to make one huge sweet spot in the room. I can say that the demonstration proved that their new design has really sweetened the spot. I’ve had my share of sweet spot movie watching at the cinema with THX movies and when you think about how big the cinema is and how coveted seats in the sweet spot is, it is nice to not have to fight for that spot in the living room. Audio from a variety of sources, DVD, CD, BluRay all produced audio that makes you feel like you were really sitting there listening to the distinct instruments and vocals on a soundstage. The audio separation when watching Avatar was amazing.

Besides the Q Series the T Series produced audio I would never have expected from the ultra slim profile design. The reason for excellent audio I attribute to the fact that KEF didn’t just squeeze a slim driver inside. Instead, they took the time and effort to engineer a driver and tweeter to deliver the best sound from the slim profile cabinet. Have a look at the tweeter.


KEF is represented in region by GP Acoustics (HK) Limited in Hong Kong. They have a store at The Adelphi, 1 Coleman Street, #01-01A, Tel: +65 6338 7011.

You can find technical details of the design and engineering at, KEF.

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