Feedback to Resorts World Sentosa (Universal Studios Singapore)

Dear Resorts World Sentosa (Universal Studios Singapore),

I write to you about the strangest ticketing system I have ever encountered for a theme park. Never in my life have I ever encountered a theme park that has limits set the amount of allowed guests. I’ve been to my share of theme parks around the world and not once have I had to pre-book (Reserve) a place. I could always count on that spur of the moment drive down and visit the attraction and purchase a ticket at the counter. Nevermind the long queues because that is to be expected. Can you imagine the chaos that would ensue if Disney Japan did not allow walk-in ticket purchases for that specific day? Perhaps you can reply and inform me and the rest of the world why there is a ticket sales limit to Universal Studios Singapore attraction.


Since I have your attention you should know that your online ticketing service is crap. If you are selling me something don’t make it any more difficult to eventually make a purchase. All your system does is frustrate people and drives them to your telephone operations. It drove me to call only to get another answer about visiting the ticket booth (in advance) at the entrance of Universal Studios Singapore on Sentosa. I cannot imagine how many telephone operators you have to take the overflow of calls that something better designed and automated like your Internet website could handle if it only made it easier for the visitor. You think that I’m sprouting crap but if I am checking for an available date and each and every time it says selected ticket type for the selected date have been sold out, I’m just wasting time and getting frustrated.


If it takes 2 or 3 minutes for each date selection and check and I take the time to check 3 to 5 dates, your system has already taken up and wasted 6 to 15 minutes of MY time. If your system could highlight alternate dates or, even in advance, list the available dates and ticket type quantities available. I shouldn’t have to ask for this information. It should be simple enough since your system can tell me no tickets available. The reservation system is already counting availability so why not simply list that upfront?

Enough of my rant and posting on my blog. I look forward to a response, hopefully it is not a robotic reply that quotes FAQs.

Thank you for your time and if you read this far, god bless.


Chester Chen

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