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You may recall last month I posted about how I have made my M1 Ciitbank Platinum Credit Card work for me by earning Bonus Cash of up to 20% on my purchases. The Bonus Cash can be used to pay my M1 phone bill or even be accumulated to pay for a new mobile purchase from M1 Shops.

I have been a Citibank Credit Card user for over 10 years and when I first signed up there was no telling or knowing if the Citi M1 Platinum Visa Card was the right one for me. So, it was by happenstance that I signed up for a Citi M1 Platinum Visa Card as M1 happened to be my mobile phone provider. I’ve been happy with the card and do not forsee a need to change at the moment.

Citibank recognises that each individual will have specific needs based on their spending habits and lifestyle. So, Citibank offers 9 different Credit Cards to choose from. Which one is right for you? I’m not the right person to recommend a card. In fact, you can decide for yourself which cards suit your lifestyle.

Check out the Citibank card selector.

The carousel will give you little bits of information about the different cards and from there you can proceed to the Citibank Credit Card Recommender. The process is simple because there are only three questions to answer and then you get your recommended cards. See how I responded to the recommender.

At the end of the questions you’ll end up with a number of cards that you may qualify for.

Funny, the way I answered my questions did not end up recommending the Citi M1 Platinum Visa Credit Card. Instead I am recommended a similar cash back type of card and a business card as I am self-employed. If I ran through the Recommender again I’m sure I’d see a different set of recommended cards.

The Recommender came back and suggested a cash back scheme card but one that would give me 5% cash back on my petrol fill-ups. I like but I’m still attached to my Citi M1 Platinum Visa for now.

Find out what suits you and when you are ready to sign-up for the Credit Card I recommend you do so using this link. By applying through the provided link you can receive some extras.

Receive $40 TANGS Shopping Vouchers for a successful application for a Citibank Credit Card or Citibank Ready Credit.

Receive $20 TANGS Shopping Voucher for a successful application for either Citibank Credit Card or Citibank Ready Credit.

Take note that the applications have to be made through my link in order to receive the vouchers upon a successful application.

One last point on what I’ve found really useful when holding a Citibank Credit Card. Citibank has an installment plan with some merchants whereby you can make payment for an item over 6 or 12 months without Interest. This is perfect for the geek guy I am always looking for the latest and greatest. If I’m looking at buying a new Apple MacBook , I could easily work out a 12 month installment option with the Apple Store merchant.

Happy shopping once your Credit Card application is approved.

You can find additional information about Citi Reward, Citibank Ready Credit and Citibank Gourmet Pleasures at the links provided.

Citi Reward – Find out just well you can be rewarded once you have accumulated your reward points.

Citibank Ready Credit – Get to know more about Citibank credit facilities.

Citibank Gourmet Pleasures – Gastronomic delights await you and you can indulge knowing the Citibank Credit Card gets you there with discounts and dining deals

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