SingTel F1 Singapore Grid Girls 2010 Winner

On Thursday night, 16 September 2010, the winner of the 2010 Grid Girls competition would be announced but not without some additional acts, more catwalks, tough questions and entertainment. The host and hostest were entertaining. I especially like when Soo Kui Jien played the crowd with his iPhone saying it was a meter to count the amount of claps for the three competing ladies who danced off against each other to win a LG mobile phone. Melody Chen was her usual bubbly, cheerful self and full of smiles. She looked good in her hip hugging one piece and strappy heels. (Don’t kill the messenger as he’s not a fashionista.)

I got there just in time to hear the last few girls answer some intellectual questions but didn’t get the opportunity to catch it on camera. Nevermind, we just wanted to find out the winner. :)

If it isn’t obvious from the first couple of pictures the winner is 18 year old Mabel Lau. She is currently a student studying Psychology. Mabel’s favourite driver is Sebastian Vettel. Mabel aspires to be a Criminal Psychologist. She takes home a S$10,000 prize from which she said she’ll donate some to the less fortunate.

Here is one of the last catwalks for all the girls and the announcement of the winners.

Before the announcement there was some entertainment to give the judges enough time to tabulate the girls scores.

There was a dance off contest for one of three ladies to win a LG mobile phone. You can watch the video of the ladies and perhaps a haunting experience for the young lady who won. Watch the video…

A pretty good band played for the crowd with a good English song and what sounded to be a Japanese song. I’ve got a some video footage of the singers in action. Look out for a snippet of it as soon as I get around to processing it.


Mabel and all the girls were happy, supportive and congratulating each other on having come this far. Ladies, your work is not done yet. Race day is 8 days away and I’m sure you will have a busy week ahead.

Congratulations to all the Grid Girls.


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