Top Twelve Grid Girls for SingTel’s 2010 Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix


*UPDATE: The WINNER has been decided. Check out the new story with pictures and video, here.

WHAT do you do when you are a major event sponsor of an event as grand as the Formula 1 Grand Prix? In fact, the company is so major that it is called the SingTel Singapore Grand Prix.

SingTel Grid Girls (Photo Courtesy of SingTel)

Well, what sporting motorsport event would be complete without lovely ladies brandishing umbrellas or standing pretty waiting to get sprayed with bubbly champagne at the winner’s podium.

So, SingTel went about holding a contest, that started back in June 2010, to find beautiful, talented, smart and personable women to fill these boots. The contest garnered hundreds of applicants and announced today by SingTel the Top 12 Grid Girls for the 2010 Formula One Grand Prix.

The contest is not yet over because there are still challenges ahead for the 12 girls as they have to fight for the top three positions. These three winning positions will be chosen based on four challenges and subject to online and SMS voting. The challenges are a way of finding out just how well rounded they are because they’ll take part in – physical, presenter, fashion and modeling challenges. Prior to this they all had to take part in the simulator challenge.
The top three girls will be crowned at a Grid Girls party in September and the top place finisher will win themselves $10,000 cash while the second and third place winners will receive $5,000 and 3,000 respectively.

The Grid Girls role come race day is to hold up the national flag of the driver as well as the number of the drivers’ car.

So, are you ready for some Grid Girl eye candy…



One of the twelve finalists was not present so I was not able to get a nice close headshot. Try and figure out who she is from the group shot photo at the top of the page that was supplied by SingTel. Oh yes, forgot to add, the Grid Girls were given ‘nicknames’ that I guess suit their personality. Meet them in person at roadshows and find out if they fit.

Here’s some additional shots of them having fun and relaxing for the photographers.




SingTel will also be running other promotional activities as the night race approaches. You’ll be able try your hand at the simulator just like the grid girls. Roadshows of the simulator will be taking place across the island and the winners of the simulator lap time will win actual race tickets for September. Look out for the SingTel roadshows at, ILuma, Suntec and Wistma Atria. Additional details for the roadshows and information about the grid girls can be found here.

*Updated* – Video Introduction


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