Think positive, act positive

It is funny how those four words can change the world around us and the person in you. This is a message that is being promoted by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) leading up to World Mental Health Day (WHMD) in October.

The HPB will present three original art installation between August and October. I was approached by the agency Waggener Edstrom Worldwide to see first hand the “Making of…” the first art piece. I knew little of the work being done and it pique my interest since they asked if I’d be interested to do a timelapse piece. If you’ve been following my blog you’d have noticed that I’ve been doing timelapses of events and of course the more usual sunrises.

The construction of the piece would start at 3am in the morning of 6 August at the outdoor fountain area at VivoCity. The idea of being up that early in the morning didn’t put a smile on my face. So, I put on a positive attitude and took up the offer to be there to shoot.

On site, in the darkness the whirring and buzz of machinery could be heard and you could see people hurrying around what appeared to be huge blocks of ice. The busy bodies are working fast to build a 20 metre long by 3 metre tall art piece made of resin and ice. The words “Smile” and “Frown” will be intermixed. The word “Frown” will be made of ice and melt away as time passes and the word “Smile” remains solid. This is an artistic interpretation of the often-quoted saying that unhappiness passes with time, but happiness and optimism always endures.

You can watch the video of the making of the sculpture that took 6+ hours to build but to save you having to watch hours of video footage I’ve compressed it down to mere minutes using timelapse photography.


So, what is the message that HPB is trying to convey? Deputy Director Ms Sng Yang Ling of HPB’s Mental Health Education said, “Mental health is probably an understated aspect of health. It is quite normal to feel stressed when we face challenges. However, when we are optimistic, we will face these daily challenges with a positive frame of mind, be in greater control of our actions, and without feeling overwhelmed. We want to remind Singaporeans to practice positive thinking in their daily lives through these “Positive Art Series”.

To promote the “Positive Art Series” a contest is being held to engage people to “Think positive, act positive”. The contest is simple, take a photo of yourself with the art installation and add a caption to win attractive prizes. Details of the contest are available on

I hope you’ve got a smile on your face, thinking positive and looking forward to each and every day.

Enjoy photos of the process as I saw it unfold infront of me.

*UPDATE* – Added the promised photos showing the team of people hard at work cutting and chiseling the ice sculpture






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