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I DON’T normally shoot action subjects or sports but today I had a little inspiration to shoot something different. I did have some encouragement because with my 70-200 I am sometimes just a little too out of reach for a nice full frame. After reading a variety of reviews and write-ups on the Internet about teleconverters, I decided to get the Japanese Kenko brand with a magnification factor of 1.4x. The original Canon 1.4x teleconverter costs twice as much and what is interesting is that the Canon version is not compatible with some of Canon’s own lenses.

One of the lens that the Canon teleconverter is not compatible with is the L-series 24-105mm. Before purchasing I mounted the 24-105mm to the Kenko and everything worked, with one exception. That being the aperture readout and reporting. The addition of the 1.4x magnifier should introduce a reduction in light and that means the f/4 lens should start reporting a minimum aperture of f/5.6. The metering works but the aperture is not reported correctly. Not a showstopper as long as the metering is being properly reported. On my 70-200mm the aperture was reported properly. It may be those lenses that are not supported by Canon’s own teleconverter won’t report properly the aperture difference.

Perhaps I’ll write a more detailed post and put it up over on i-digITall.com as it may be too geeky to post here.

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