Photos Of The Month: June 2010

INSTEAD of having too many individual photographs listed on the blog post I’ve taken a collage approach. The collage is created using the software called, PhotoScape V3.5. It is freeware and it just makes life easier by drag and drop with fixed template sizes and designs. I used to create them by hand myself using photo-editing software but that as you know can be tedious.  

Without further delay, here are photos that I’ve selected to feature for this month.  

June 2010: Montage 1

June 2010: Montage 1

Montage 1  

You see a low-light shot from around my HDB neighbourhood. The sun was setting and I missed that golden moment. So I stuck around as the lights came up and snapped some pics of the road. Out at East Coast Park the rolling clouds look magnificient. A fuzzy caterpillar I found at Hort Park and a little frog taking shelter from the rising morning sun.  

June 2010: Montage 2

June 2010: Montage 2

Montage 2  

The subject matter changes a little bit here, being a bit more urban but I still included some Hort Park shots. Some may not know where the ‘S’ came from because you need to look at the object from a entirely different angle to see it how it is in my shot. This is the first rainbow that I’ve been able to shoot as I usually don’t have my camera handy or I’m driving in the car and you know how difficult it is to pick up the camera and shoot (it is also a traffic offence if caught). The pidgeon is also my first and he just one of those scavenger types hanging out in front of Starbucks. 

POTD: June 2010 - 3

June 2010 - Montage 3

Montage 3 

I’ve forgotten where I took the flower shots. It is either Botanic Garden or Hort Park. The monkey was photographed out at MacRitchie Reservoir and the sunset on an open stretch of road when the traffic had moved off from a traffic light. 

POTD: June 2010 - Montage 4

June 2010 - Montage 4

Montage 4 

All shot at Hort Park except for the slicing and dicing chef. :) 

POTM: June 2010 - Conrad Napping

POTM: June 2010 - Conrad Napping

Last pic for the June 2010 collection is that of my son taking a nap on the bed. The picture was taken in extremely low light without aid of an additional lightsource or flash. I basically punched up the ISO on the Panasonic GH-1 exhaled and depressed the shutter. The exact settings:  20mm (2.0 crop = 40mm), spot metering, f/4.5, .25 of a second and ISO-1600. 


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