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I WAS invited to attend the final crowning event of The Rookie web contest. I was aware of the contest but was not following and was not in the know of who is who. So, a little background for you as you read my record of the event.

Twelve contestants were chosen from hundreds of applicants. The contestants would participate in a number of challenges. The contest would be broadcast over 6 web episodes. The contestants vie for a grand prize of $5,000 and four finalists will have an opportunity to intern at one of four high profile companies. The choice of companies – Nokia, Microsoft, Standard Chartered Bank and Zouk.

At this stage of the game there were down to six contestants and two are to be eliminated and the final four awarded. The last part of the game is selection of the grand prize winner. To be determined by judges and a final question.

Here’s the final six.


From left to right top row (small pics) you see Jeff Lam Tian Hung, Spencer Yang and Ian Lu. The bottom row – Natasha Shah, Jeanette Koh and Sueann Tan.

After playing some embarassing recordings of contestants talking badly about another there came the selection of the final four. So, who are the two that were eliminated…



The two guys on the right of the above photo were eliminated. Jeff Lam Tian Hung and Spencer Yang did not make the cut. The remaining four get to intern with one of the four companies.


It wasn’t long before the contestants had to face the judges once more. There were contestant supporters all around with some being noisier than others. The audience and myself waited as the judges discussed who should be crowned and awarded the $5,000 cash prize.

And the winner is…


…Natasha Shah!! Congratulations to Natasha. The audience cheered on and the finalists hugged each other.

I was a little surprised there wasn’t much more fanfare or even more interview style talking with the winner. I guess I and maybe even the audience have become so inundated with Reality TV from the USA that we kind of expect more. I thought a short video clip of what each contestant thought before or during their grueling challenges what their chances were. We also didn’t get to know which person would be going to which company as part of their internship.

So, as the euphoria wore off the master of ceremonies quietly left the stage while the contestants congratulated and hugged one another.


The party at Zouk went on through the night but alas I and the other bloggers attending left the venue.

I’m confident that there will be more of this style of marketing and promotion for brands as it left an impression that other companies will emulate. For Nokia I hope it brought attention to their Nokia E72 smartphone. If you want to find out more about Nokia’s E72 check it out here. I know the E71 smartphone as I used one for some time but it eventually got handed down to my wife. :)  Liked it a lot but it eventually got overshadowed by smarter smartphones. The E72 does make up and brings it more up-to-date. Anyway, the form factor is neat and very business like. Check it out if you like qwerty keyboard phones.

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