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SINGAPORE’S Forty-fifth year of independence will be upon us in slightly over 2 months time. On 9th August 1965 Singapore separated from Malaysia. It so happens that in 1965 I was born (June). And so for the last 12 over years as a PR (Permanent Resident) I’ve celebrated with Singapore something special. I never fail to forget just how old I am and the same goes for my wife, although I’ve heard that women have a thing for remember dates amongst other things that we men tend to forget.

Independence day is a big deal here and I must acknowledge that I have never been to a National Day Parade (NDP) celebration. I have watched it on the boob tube and witnessed fireworks from afar on a rehersal day.


I may yet have that opportunity this year. I was recently asked to attend NDP 2010 media briefings where the NDP committee shared details of the parade, venue, logistics and technology. I hope to be able to document and share with you the hard work that goes into making each years National Day Parade memorable.

The first thing that the NDP 2010 committee had to get right was a defining icon of the spirit of NDP 2010 and I must say I really like this logo. It  may be a bit clinical but the simplicity and incorporation of the symbolism of the flying flag is great. Take a look and comment or tell me what you think of the logo. You can also share your comments with the Nation over at the official NDP 2010 web site.


In case you are not familiar reading here, the Singapore flag consist of 5 stars and a crescent moon.

A fair amount of technology achievements will be incorporated into NDP 2010. One of those is the NDP OnTheGo App (available for iPhone and Android mobile phones). This is pretty cool as it allows you to tap in directly to NDP news and content that is being shared by you as a user and the many other users using the application. NDP OnTheGO also has an Augmented Reality feature whereby you can see in real-time the locations of specific interest points just by moving your self spatially in relation to the compass heading. Here’s a video clip that shows off the location based system with augmented reality.

Wait a while as the YouTube video is uploaded to the server.  Thank you for your patience.

Here are some facts about NDP 2010:

  • Venue is the Padang
  • Features three segments
  • Two new aircraft to flypast
    • F15SG Multi-role Fighter
    • G550 Aerial Early Warning AirCraft
  • 210 Hardware pieces featuring the latest Leopard 2A4 tanks
  • Fireworks to be fired from 9 different locations


Stay tuned for updates and details of NDP 2010 as the media is briefed. If you have questions and need an outlet, please feel free to leave a comment and the next media brief I attend I’ll be sure to ask on your behalf.

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