i <3 Fotobook Plug-in for WordPress



I love this plug-in. It easily integrates Facebook photo albums into my WordPress blog. It worked even better than I had expected and beats the Flickr plug-ins that I tried. The title image is a screen capture of Facebooks outlook on the left and the same album as it shows in WordPress. Note, there are options to control the rows, columns and amount of pages if you wish to tweak until it looks exactly like each other.

If you are a blogger using WordPress go check out the Fotobook home page. There is also a Facebook group.

For now, I’m just thankful of not having to upload pics to both Flickr and Facebook. I upload once to Facebook and voila, the albums are ready to be seen in a pretty decent album listing and my readers can see either a random list or a recent list on the sidebar.

Enjoy my photos, I’ll be sure to upload some more for your viewing pleasure. Do leave a comment if you see an interesting one.

Note: I’m going to be putting up full sized downloads of some of my panoramas for my readers to use as great big wide wallpapers. I think some will look great so stay tuned while I sort through my unorganised mess of pics.

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